S4 in gray

By David Hernandez

St Augustine Paddle Sports

We got our S4 demo boat today.


Gene Andrews pre testing the S4

Photo: Dave Hernandez


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  1. fish

    Thanks Dave,

    Gene, you look great in this skiff! 🙂


  2. Pyt Rotary

    I am drooling here.
    Waiting for mine, same color but orange saddle.
    Did you have the maiden voyage?
    How is it?


  3. Chris Henderson

    That grey looks really nice! Congrats!

  4. David Hernandez

    We had our maiden voyage yesterday and want to see we are impressed. Took video doing a few things like paddling, throwing a cast net and fly fishing from the standing platform. We are still editing the video but plan to post on here soon.

  5. fish


    I can’t wait to see your video!


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