Pictures of my electric Wavewalk 500 fishing kayak

By Pyt Rotary

Ontario, Canada

While I’m waiting for the S4 that I ordered…

This is Canada. It’s cold!
I’ll have more room for the kids in my S4
Wavewalk 500 with electric motor at 24V with Digital Maximizer


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4 thoughts on “Pictures of my electric Wavewalk 500 fishing kayak”

  1. Thanks Pyt,

    I’m very much looking forward to hear your comments about the S4! 🙂


  2. For sure. S4 will be work better for me on Great Lakes (Ontario, Huron) or Simcoe.
    Kids are asking to go fishing.

  3. What an awesome fish, Pyt – a lake trout, right? That’s an interesting looking motor / rod mount you’ve got on your 500. Have you figured how and where you’re going to mount those 4 rods on the S4?

  4. Hi Packer,
    After I get S4 I will explore the options.
    Mostly I am looking for same setup.
    On first picture I have another 2 Scots rod holder mounts, right in front of me, not really visible in picture. There is a Hummingbird fish finder there as well.
    Usually I get with me at least 3 rods with different setups.

    Yes that is a Laker caught in 90 FOW (feet’s of water) by trolling.


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