First Fishing Trip of 2017: Kokanee were a no show but the trout wanted to play

By Chris Henderson

Fishing Kayaks of Gig Harbor


Remodel season (the season in between ducks and fishing) is officially over! The honeydos are certainly not all accomplished but I have enough off of the list that I was able to get out and go fishing. American Lake is open year around so there is not big fishing season opening day on this lake but it was my opening day.

It was windy and gusty which made it a challenge to keep a real constant speed (something the kokanee like) but I was able to make it work.
The kokanee were a no show (it is early in the year to catch them consistantly) but fortunately the trout wanted to play!

Great day on the water in a W700.



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  1. fish

    Thanks Chris,

    I must admit that your videos make me hungry 😀
    These trout fillets look so much better than the ones we have at the supermarket! 🙂

    Congratulations on your first catch of the year,


  2. Chris Henderson

    They were yummy! I ate one of the fish last night and a whole other dinner is still just waiting! I prefer kokanee but when these early season are nice and orange and very firm like that, they are oh so good! 🙂

  3. fish

    I’m pretty sure that freshly filleted these trout taste great even uncooked, as sushi.

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