A nice day in Ozella, fishing with Bob

By Gary Rankel

Nature Coast Kayak Fishers

Bob Smaldone and I headed out in our W 500’s today. Bob cheated a bit with his trolling motor, but I managed to keep up with him most of the time. He was almost run over by a group of yakers out for a day of fun. We got some nice trout but nothing worth bringing the camera out for.






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  1. fish

    Thanks Gary,

    Great pictures! And this time I mean also from a technical – photographic standpoint 😉

    I’m really glad to see Bob kayak fishing again, which means that his shoulder is doing better.

    Driving a motorized kayak isn’t “cheating”, it’s “enhancing” 😀
    Plus it’s fun…


  2. PackerYaker

    Thanks, Yoav…………I still haven’t graduated from my old Canon point and click, so don’t know why the snaps turned out better. Bob’s arm is doing better after surgery, but he still relies on the trolling motor on long yak trips. With 2 27lb batteries and the motor, he has to push another 60+ pounds which makes it hard to keep up with me when we’re both paddling, but then, he simply powers up to catch up. It worked out great. The older I get, the more motorizing looks attractive, especially if it lets me reach a few of the outer points which are too far to reach by paddling.

  3. fish


    I guess this time you shot images at a higher resolution (?)

    Bob could switch from traditional deep-cycle marine batteries, which are heavy, to marine Lithium-Ion batteries, which are more expensive but considerably lighter.
    Gary Thorberg wrote an article on this subject: http://wavewalk.com/blog/2013/09/28/smarter-electric-motors-and-lithium-ion-batteries-a-winning-combination-for-kayak-fishing-by-gary-thorberg/
    BTW, Gary spends most of the year in Florida now, and he fishes out of a motorized W500 🙂

    Having a motor presents some real advantages. If you get a motor you won’t have to take it with you every time you go you out there.
    You could start by getting a lightweight and less powerful electric motor, and see how it works for you.


  4. RoxCT

    Nice job guys.

    So you didn’t catch a lot, who cares, just being on the water is great. 🙂

    Great pictures, love the trolling motor hookup.

    Tight lines and MoPaddle Safe all.

  5. PackerYaker

    Right, Yoav……….I think Bob is waiting for the lithium batteries to get a little lighter and a lot less costly before considering them. I may decide to motorize sometime in the future and will need to decide between electric and gasoline. I’ll want to go as light as possible, and it looks like both options can be had for about 30 lbs. If I can’t find an arrangement much less than that, I think the 2.3 hp Honda might work best for me, but I’m still working through that. I’ll also consider getting a W700 or S4 to motorize, and keep my W500 for paddling. As long as I can continue paddling where I want to, I’m in no hurry to make that decision.

  6. fish


  7. PackerYaker

    Hey Rox……….haven’t heard much from you lately. Hope all is well with you, and that you’ll be sending in a few stories on those smallies you’ll be catching this year.

  8. fish

    We all miss Rox’ stories, and the pictures of those monster bass 🙂


  9. RoxCT

    Soon, my friends, very soon………………………BAM!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. fish


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