Two tandem crews fishing the mangrove tunnels in their Wavewalk 700 kayaks

By Captain Larry Jarboe


On Friday afternoon, I got a call to rent kayaks from some folks who had been skunked bridge fishing.

I was just heading out to my most secluded spot far up in the mangroves as the wind and tide were perfect. So, I shared my hot spot with them. They caught a bucket of fish and had a great time negotiating through the mangrove tunnels.

I am better at fishing than filming.




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  1. fish

    Awesome fishing!

    But nothing beats working with a snow shovel to remove a 2ft high ice dam from the entrance to your driveway!


  2. Bassman

    Do you think a trip to the Keys till the snow goes might be a good way to beat that damned ice dam?

    The weather is mostly wonderful, here. But, the bugs can be an issue.

    When the wind is blowing 20 knots and the dive and fishing boats are complaining about high seas on the ocean, I take the Wavewalks deep into the mangroves where the water is flat calm and the fish are still most cooperative. Also, the stiff breeze keeps the mosquitoes and no-see-ums at bay.

    Fish biting is good. Bugs biting. Not so good.

    Frostbite. Very bad…

    Larry J.

  3. fish


    Actually, I’d like to drive a W700 or S4 around Key Largo when the sea is high. Not during a hurricane – just in waves that are high enough to make it challenging and fun to drive.
    The presence of a mother ship around would be a good thing, just in case…


  4. Bassman

    Quite often, in winter, the wind will blow from the southeast 20-25 kts. for days on end. There is a barrier reef, nearby, that I can take the mother ship to at low tide to launch your W700 or S4 in flat calm water.

    On the other side of the dry rocks, blue water will greet you with 6-8 ft. waves.

    Maybe, you will be able to add “motorized surfboard” to the long list of uses for Wavewalk portable skiffs.

    You might be able to coax me out of the shelter of mangroves to witness that event. 🙂

  5. fish


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