Wavewalk S4 pattern pretty much done

This morning the mold makers sent us a batch of new photos. This time it’s the top part of the S4 wooden pattern.

Some of the areas that have fine details in them were done with a plastic material, in order to achieve the highest precision.

As seen here, this wooden pattern is almost ready to serve as a mold for making the S4 in fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP), such as fiberglass, carbon fiber, Kevlar, etc. But in order to produce a cast aluminum rotational mold for the actual product, the mold-makers first need to use this wooden pattern to produce a set of two second generation molds called ‘sand mold’.


In the actual Polyethylene boat, the flat surface on top of the cockpit is cut away with a computerized router, thus enabling access inside through the opening, and attaching the two MDO saddle brackets and the saddle itself.
Stand up casting platform with integrated anti-skid surface. The slots are vertical structures that support the platform’s center.
Front tip and integrated carry handles. Good view of the slanted sides of the cockpit, designed to offer passengers comfortable paddling.
Front view.
Rear view with integrated carry handles and integrated stand for mounting plate for motor, rod rack, etc.
Side view.
Close-up on the slide-in mount for a vertical plate that can serve either to attach a motor, or to install a rod rack. If it serves to mount a motor, the vertical plate should be bolted to the cockpit’s rear end.

2 thoughts on “Wavewalk S4 pattern pretty much done”

  1. Amazing…….

    I really love that you made a slide in mount for a motor plate or rod rack.

    Can’t wait for the next step. 🙂

    Tight lines and MoPaddle safe all.


  2. Thanks Rox,

    The general idea here is the pursuit of functionality through simplicity 🙂


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