New Video Playlist: Motorized Wavewalk

We created a new YouTube video playlist composed of movies that show Wavewalk 500 kayaks and 700 boats motorized with 2 hp, 2.3 hp, 3.5 hp, 5 hp and 6 hp outboard motors, and with an electric trolling motor.
These videos show motorized Wavewalks inland, at the beach, and offshore, with a crew of one or two on board.
Some are related to fishing, and others are not.
Our main selection criterion was that the motor must be a standard 20″ long (L) propeller shaft.
Our second criterion was the movie being fun to watch…

We embedded this playlist in this website section on Motorized kayaks.



  1. Bassman


    With all this motor boating, fuel storage will become an issue for those of us who go where no man has gone before.

    For Christmas, my son gave me two Briggs & Stratton Model 158 fuel containers that each hold over 2 gallons of fuel. Each one stows perfectly in a forward or stern hull compartment of the W700.

    That equates to a lot of range for a small outboard motor.

    Empty, they add to increased buoyancy in a dire situation.

    Truly, the Model 158 B&S fuel tanks will be the gift that keeps on giving.

    Briggs & Stratton, no BS.

    Larry J.

  2. fish


    You bet!
    I think that with these portable outboard motors 4 gallons of fuel can last over 15 hours at full throttle. That’s a couple of work days days motorizing, and plenty of mileage, like you said.
    A bigger outboard motor does not have to run at a high RPM to produce the same power that a smaller motor produces at top RPM, namely at a low rate of fuel efficiency. It’s yet another reason to prefer more powerful motors.


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