In the beginning…

I wonder, how many of you have watched this old video?

I thought I’d re-post it on the occasion of it reaching 50,000 views. This sounds like a lot, but we posted in 9 years ago, in 2007.
The boat seen here is the original W300, before the modification we did in 2008.
The paddler is me, but I looked much better back then, and I was in better shape too 🙂

Back then I was still focused on the surf-play market… 😮 and good people like Gary Rankel, Jeff McGovern and Rox were trying to explain to me the advantages of the Wavewalk design for fishing 😀

The W300 was 10’4″ long and 25″ wide (this is not a typo). Unbelievably, Jeff and I managed to paddle one of these tiny kayaks in tandem 😀 (Jeff is bigger than me), and an Englishman named Jim McGilvray outfitted his with a 2.5 hp Suzuki outboard (and DIY outriggers).

Time goes by, and we’re not getting any younger, but at least our boats get better 🙂

2 thoughts on “In the beginning…”

  1. Nice memories. I wonder if my old 300 is still in service. The 500 has been a great improvement. Maybe I’ll try the 700 one of these days, or maybe I’ll wait for Yoav to get bored and invent the 1,000.

  2. Thanks Gary,

    The 300 was a kind of initial ‘proof of concept’ product for the Wavewalk invention and for Micronautical design. Being a ‘proof of concept’, the 300 had no specific target market or application, and it helped us learn about what’s possible in terms of design, molding, and usage. The 2008 modified version of the 300 was a great little kayak, but it was replaced in 2009 by the accomplished and more popular 500 series that became a classic.
    From another perspective, the beginning is now 🙂


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