Wavewalk 700 with an outboard gas motor, and with an electric trolling motor

By Joe Stauder

HBBCO Stand Up Fishing Kayaks


We took our W700 Demo unit out and had a blast running our little Honda 2hp (gas) & our 36lb thrust electric around.
This is the only kayak I know of that has the ability to be used with a paddle, or an electric trolling motor, or a gas out board for propulsion.


My son just loves to paddle, and as we all get older a little help getting back to the launch with an electric or gas outboard sure comes in handy.








fisherman-driving-electric-fishing-kayak-with-dog-on-board-05-1024 fisherman-driving-electric-fishing-kayak-with-dog-on-board-06-1024 fisherman-driving-electric-fishing-kayak-with-dog-on-board-07-1024   fisherman-driving-w700-motorboat-full-speed-1024 fisherman-standing-in-his-motorboat-susquehanna-river-pa-01-1024 fishing-kayak-and-electric-fishing-kayak-on-susquehanna-river-1024-01 fishing-kayak-and-electric-fishing-kayak-on-susquehanna-river-1024-02 fishing-kayak-and-electric-fishing-kayak-on-susquehanna-river-1024-03 fishing-kayak-and-electric-fishing-kayak-on-susquehanna-river-1024-04 fishing-kayak-and-electric-fishing-kayak-on-susquehanna-river-1024-05 fishing-motorboat-with-dog-on-board-01 joe-and-dog-on-board-portable-fishing-boat-01-1024 joe-driving-electric-wavewalk-700-03-1024 joe-driving-his-boat-with-outboard-motor-01 jon-boat-and-wavewalk-700-on-susquehanna-river-1024 motorized-wavewalk-700-beached-01-1024 motorized-wavewalk-700-beached-03-1024 motorized-wavewalk-700-beached-04-1024 two-person-electric-kayak-for-fishing-01-1024 two-person-electric-kayak-for-fishing-03-1024 two-person-electric-kayak-for-fishing-04-1024 two-person-electric-kayak-for-fishing-08-1024 two-person-electric-kayak-for-fishing-09-1024 young-kayak-fisherman-01 young-kayak-fisherman-paddling-01


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  1. fish

    Awesome pictures!!

    Thanks Joe,

    Your boats looks great, and you guys look great, but your dog steals the show, naturally 😀


  2. Bassman


    The dog definitely takes the show but the rest of the story is the two horses in the stern. I am presently modding out a 2.5 HP Merc 2 stroke that I picked up for a hundred bucks.

    It weighs less than 30 lbs. Thus, it is easy to lift off to flush in the barrel at the end of the day.

    Enjoy that less-corrosive fresh water environment. Great pics.

    Larry J.

  3. fish

    $100 for an outboard motor is a great deal, even if it’s a 2-stroke.
    Let’s hope it works 🙂

  4. Bassman


    The rest of the story is that I was looking for a small outboard for a second (less scary) mobile display.

    After a lot of homework: the 2.5 – 3.5 two stroke Nissans, Mariners, and Mercury outboards a few years back were all made by Tohatsu.

    The engines are the same but the HP is upped by a shorter throttle screw in the carb.

    I’ve got a new (higher HP) carb, fresh impeller, and an aluminum prop being shipped.

    The 3.3 Mercury 2 stroke outboard is still being distributed outside of the U.S. In addition to lightweight, It is the most simple and easy to work on outboard motor that I have ever seen.

    So much for mechanical trivia…

    However, if anyone can find a water pump pulley (part # 740748M2) for a Perkins 6.354T diesel engine I would be very thankful.

    Larry J.


  5. fish


    So you got yourself a wolf in a sheep’s clothing! 😀


  6. RoxCT

    Wow, beautiful pictures. 🙂

    Now that’s what I call Fun!

    Tight Lines and MoPaddle safe all.

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