Kayaks and Boats, Kayak vs. Boat

When two adults and a kid get into a small motorized aquatic vehicle, and drive it around at speeds exceeding 10 mph, their watercraft must be a boat. It can be a rigid or inflatable dinghy, a wide square-stern canoe, a Jon boat or a Wavewalk 700, but since it is used for boating, for this matter it is boat, and it makes sense to call it this way. Similarly, when two adult large size fishermen drive standing and fish standing in a small motorized aquatic vehicle, for them it is a fishing boat, even if from a technical-legal standpoint it belongs to a class of vessels labeled ‘Kayak’, as is the case with the Wavewalk 700, thanks to its slender dimensions.
Indeed, at Wavewalk we are thankful for this official classification, because it makes life easier for us, as manufacturers. Besides, this boat also happens to work as a super kayak in paddling terms, which makes things perfect for us. For people who use it for boating or fishing, the fact that it’s a super “kayak” adds to its functionality as a boat, by making it extremely lightweight, fully portable, and super mobile – beyond motorizing.
Versatility can be a great thing, and being able to paddle your boat effectively in case its outboard motor can no longer serve you for whatever reason, be it shallow water, rocks, or a technical problem, contributes a lot to your experience – It adds fun and functionality, confidence, and safety.

After this somehow lengthy explanation, we hope it’s clearer why Wavewalk offers its products in two lines – W700 Kayaks and S4 Boats. The main point here is what comes first for the user, and how they perceive the product. A boat comes ready for an outboard engine, and a kayak may feature an electric trolling motor, or a small outboard, but overall, it’s basically a paddle craft.

At this point, Wavewalk offers a W700 model in its Kayak product line, and one Boat model in its Boat product line.

The bottom line is that Wavewalk classifies and offers its products according to the way people intend to use them, and how they are more likely to use them.

10 thoughts on “Kayaks and Boats, Kayak vs. Boat”

  1. IMHO,

    Wavewalk vessels are in a class of their own.

    Larry J.

  2. To further expound:

    Until the Wavewalk watercraft are widely recognized for the unique design and distinct class by trade name, differentiating the W500 stable kayak from the W700 portable boat benefits both consumers and dealers.

    Consumers get a better understanding of the differences between the two vessels that look so much alike. And, dealers have the opportunity to market both kayaks and boats.

    Works for me. Thanks!

    Larry J.

  3. Things are a bit blurred by nature, since what we have here is a continuum. On one end there’s a human powered W500, then a W500 powered by a weak electric motor, a W500 powered with a small outboard gas motor, a human powered W700, an electric W700, a W700 powered with a small outboard, and finally, a W700 RIB fully powered (or overpowered…) by a powerful outboard that can deliver speeds approaching 20 mph, as seen in a YouTube video shot in Canada that features a lightweight aluminum dinghy and a 6 HP Tohatsu.

  4. Great read. 🙂

    Just look at me for example.
    I owned a 16′ Bass boat, sold it after getting the W300.
    I also bought many 14’ers Deep v’s for big lakes, then came my W500…….stable beyond belief.
    Sold the Deep Vs………
    Bought a small 12′ jon for Striper fishing in the Ct River, and redid the whole thing, floor, trolling motor, gas motor…….sold it after I put the gas motor on my W500 and went striper fishing on the Ct River, and it was Epic. 🙂

    No more tin boats, the Wavewalks do it all.

    Now getting ready to make the next step, W700, so I can fish with two people and plenty of room for casting, my W500 is a little tight, but remember I have a wood console which extends my dry storage in the front.
    Stay tuned for my W700 review, and what plans I have for it with adding all the bells and whistles
    for Bass/Pike/Stripers/anything that swims fishing. 🙂

    Tight Lines and MoPaddle Safe All.

  5. Thanks Rox,

    It’s really important to judge the W700 as a boat, from the perspective of a boat owner.


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