Portable kayak seat for my motorized Wavewalk 500

By Pyt Rotary


After fishing from a Wavewalk 500 for six years I can say it is a fantastic toy. What I do now to rest after 1-2 hours of trolling is to lay back, and I thought that a back rest/support could add to my comfort.
I looked at different seats, including canoe seats, and found this detachable kayak seat for $50. Very comfortable and portable.

I am not a paddle fan I use the trolling motor around 90% of the time. Instant electric torque is pure adrenaline.
The new generation of batteries (Lithium) are not accessible yet but soon / few years – Lots of fun to ride!

I have now:
* 70Lb Minnkota (24V)
* 101Lb thrust Minnkota (36V)
* 2Hp Honda 4 stroke

I choose the motor depending on the water I fish in.
There is no such flexibility in a boat.
The W500 & W700 bridge the gap between kayaks and boats. Good choice in having 2 categories: kayak and boat.
Still planning to get my combat W700 in next spring. I need both sizes.



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9 thoughts on “Portable kayak seat for my motorized Wavewalk 500”

  1. Thanks Pyt,

    Nice! What I like about this kayak seat you chose is the fact that you can easily detach it and store it in the hull tip if you don’t feel like using it.
    Also, the fact that it’s soft makes it fit the saddle better as an add-on, rather than as a different thing. This is to say that you can still get the feeling of riding the saddle.
    Being neither too broad nor too hard, this seat’s backrest should not get in the way of driving.

    The motor mount looks good too! 🙂


  2. Hi Pyt……….I believe that lithium batteries for trolling motors are available (albeit expensive), as I’ve seen them advertised. Just google lithium batteries for trolling motors to get some links. I often think about motorizing my 500 or perhaps getting a motorized 700 to reach a group of islands offshore a bit which provide better fishing, but beyond my paddling range. The older I get, the more attractive the motoring option becomes.

  3. Gary,

    Motorizing is not an option in the full sense, because you’re not really required to choose between motorizing and paddling – You can easily paddle your W500 or W700 with a motor attached to it, without feeling that much of a difference. Besides, you get more exercise this way 😀
    Some people use their electric trolling motor and paddle at the same time. They call it “assisted paddling”, and it sounds like fun, especially on the way back 😉
    Classic kayak fishing, namely paddling is great, but if you’re fishing a large body of water your instincts push you to go further, and this is not not always an easy or sensible thing to do in a kayaking mode.


  4. Gary,

    Please take time to make a run south to the Keys. I have both outboard and electric trolling motor options that I will be happy to show you. Adding a motor to either the W500 or W700 does not have to be expensive. Why wait till lithium batts are reasonably priced? There are very affordable ways to make your Wavewalk keep going and going. And, increase stability on an already super stable vessel.

    This is not a sales pitch but an informational offer extended to all.

    Larry J.

  5. Pyt,

    The lack of a padded seat with a back rest is a common observation from potential Wavewalk consumers. Usually, I point out that motorcycles or horses do not usually come with backrests due to the straddling nature of the ride.

    Thank you for providing a practical and convenient seat/backrest option.

    And, Minnkota motors are so dependable!

    Larry J.

  6. Thanks, Larry…….I’d love to head down your way one of these days. I’ve done lots of research on motoring, but haven’t decided as yet. Right Yoav, I would need to be able to paddle as well as motor. Right now, I’m thinking of using my 500 for my normal paddling trips, and maybe getting a 700 with the 2 hp Honda 4 stroke (rather than a trolling motor) to reach the offshore keys. I took some of my visiting relatives on an airboat tour of the outer islands last week, and that stoked my enthusiasm to get out there. I’ll keep procrastinating and maybe decide something in the next year or so.

  7. Gary,

    I own a 2 hp 4-cycle outboard, and I have nothing bad to say about it. It’s a great little motor, very lightweight, reliable, etc.
    Having said that, for the W700 I typically recommend the Tohatsu 3.5 HP L (20″ long) shaft, for the following reasons:
    The 3.5 features a shift lever (Front, Neutral, Reverse), while the 2 HP Honda has a clutch that depends on the position of its throttle grip. This means that starting the 3.5 HP motor is easier and less prone to errors. Another advantage of the 3.5 HP is its being water cooled, and although this makes it heavier than the 2 HP air-cooled motor, it’s considerably quieter. In fact, it’s quiet, period, and when it goes at a slow RPM its hardly audible.
    The real question is do you really need such a powerful motor, and my (humble) opinion is that it’s better to have some extra power, just in case.
    -In case what? In case you want to take a passenger on board, and in case you want to tow one or more kayak fishing buddies or just fellow yakkers, or help another boater in distress.


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