Snorkeling at the Elbow Reef with our electric catamaran kayak

By Capn’ Larry Jarboe

Finally, the wind laid down, so my wife and I took the W500 out to a deeper reef at the edge of the Gulf Stream. There was 50 feet of visibility at the Elbow Reef which is about average for here but pretty darn good elsewhere in the U.S.
It is really nice having a buddy to enjoy the scenery. And, also to keep the snorkel sled from drifting while I free dove to work the GoPro camera.

I’ll be doing some major maintenance and rewiring of the mother ship. Thus, the motorized W700 will be my distance runner for awhile.

Enjoy the clear water. We did.

Wavewalk catamaran fishing kayak from a shark's point of view 1024
Different angle: View of diver and electric Wavewalk 500 kayak from within the water


View from the mother ship



2 thoughts on “Snorkeling at the Elbow Reef with our electric catamaran kayak”

  1. Thanks Larry,

    I grabbed the first image is from the video footage that you sent me… It caught my eye because I thought that it would be interesting to show what a Wavewalk 500 looks like from a fish’s point of view: Two large, slim, elongated forms, side by side.


  2. Yoav,

    Still trying to download video thru Google. The closeup moving view of the loggerhead turtle is especially good. And, there are lots of different angles of the Wavewalk for scrutiny.

    Larry J.

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