5 thoughts on “Fishing from my motorized Wavewalk 500”

  1. Thanks Michael,

    This movie is so much fun to watch 🙂

    Too bad you didn’t catch fish this time, but at least you got to go where others can’t!
    That lightweight 2 hp Honda is a great motor. It’s a bit noisy, but it’s reliable and easy to operate.


  2. Pretty neat setup, Michael. I may follow suit when my 5-10 mile paddles become too laborious. I am a bit surprised that Yoav didn’t chew you out for placing that motor so far back!!

  3. Hi Gary-

    You have a keen eye but I had no choice. That motor is one I bought before I got the W500 and it only has a 15 inch shaft. With the original motor mount you had to place it that far back so the head can come down far enough to click into the locked (up) position before it meets the cockpit.

    Incidentally, the motor is only 2hp not 2.3 like the current version so I don’t know how much faster the W500 would go with the newer model (and a lighter pilot 🙂 ).

    I should also add that I rarely use the motor because the W500 is so easy to paddle.


  4. Michael,

    I thought the way you handled the motor and started it effortlessly was impressive. It didn’t occur to me that it was not the optimal configuration with a long, 20″ shaft.


  5. Sweet!
    Nice job motoring around the lake.
    I enjoy paddling, but I enjoy the motor even more when it’s a long trip
    to my fishing spots.
    Congrats on a great trip, though you didn’t catch any fish, don’t worry, that’s why they call it fishing, not
    catching. 🙂
    You’ll get them next time.
    No motor boats are going to thread that needle like you did. 🙂
    Tight lines and MoPaddle Safe All.

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