Motorized Wavewalk 500 for offshore fishing

By Neo Chino

(pen name)

South Florida

I get back pain from sitting in other kayaks, but never in this one, even after eight hours offshore. It’s really good for your back.

You sit in it like on the saddle of a jet ski, but sometimes I sit sideways, with two feet in one hull.

Casting and sitting sideways

South Florida Kayak Fishing Club Dania Beach FL 4-29-2016

I store my fishing tackle in boxes inside the hulls.

I outfitted my Wavewalk 500 kayak with a 2.5 hp Suzuki outboard motor. I was one of the first guys with a motor in the South Florida Fishing Club. Sometimes I fish almost 3 miles out with my motorized Wavewalk 500.

A poor man’s fishing boat 🙂

big-fish-on-board-(2)-640 big-fish-on-board-640 black-fin-tuna-inWavewalk-500-(2)-640 black-fin-tuna-inWavewalk-500-640 my-biggest-tuna-640

5 thoughts on “Motorized Wavewalk 500 for offshore fishing”

  1. Thanks Neochino,

    Very exciting videos and cool setup!
    I can definitely understand why you added the outriggers for offshore motorized fishing. The 2.5 HP Suzuki can propel the W500 kayak at 10 mph, and it’s a good enough reason to want to put the odds on your side when you’re out there in the ocean.
    BTW, this is why Wavewalk offers the inflatable side flotation tubes standard in our W570 model for offshore motorized fishing 😉


  2. Wow, wow – how impressive, Neochino. Talk about how to rig a kayak for fishing. I can’t imagine what you would do with the new Wavewalk 700.

  3. Hi Gary,

    I think the first thing Neochino would do with a W700 is to get rid of the outriggers.
    I imagine the second thing he’d do is to replace the 2.3 HP by a more powerful outboard 😀


  4. Right, Yoav. I sure enjoy reading the recent blog entries showing all the creative ways the guys are dreaming up to rig the W. Sorry I missed Larry at ICAST.

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