Review of my Wavewalk 500 outfitted with an electric motor

By Samuel Ramirez


I really like my W500 and have been using it a lot lately. I get a lot of comments on it and have let quite a few people ride it. Everyone loves it. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone has ordered one from you or will soon as a result of riding it.
I have it rigged up with an electric trolling motor and a smart lithium battery almost exactly like Gary Thorberg did.
I love bass fishing in it with the trolling motor, it really lets me creep up on the locations I want to cast to, and use the trolling motor to stay in my desired position. The only real difference from Gary’s is I have it mounted in the front, in the center space between the hulls. I am very careful not to run the motor so as to hit the hulls when lifting it out of the water. I have quick release plugs and usually unplug it so that cannot happen.
I keep forgetting to take photos of the entire setup but here is a photo that shows the front end of the W500 with the trolling motor at Parker Canyon Lake south of Tucson. Mostly I took the photo to show how beautiful the day was at the lake and caught a small portion of the W500 front end.

As much as I like the W500, being 230 lbs I wish I had the W700 instead, so I could take another person easier.



6 thoughts on “Review of my Wavewalk 500 outfitted with an electric motor”

  1. Thanks Sam,

    Great photo – the sky and its reflection in the still water create a dramatic effect!

    I’m not a big fan of front mounted motors, in general, but since this setup works for you, I won’t argue with success 😀

    “I can see a W700 in your future” (and possible trips to the Gulf of California?) …


  2. Sam,

    Compare the cost, comfort, speed, and versatility of your W500 w/ trolling motor vs. any of the [push pedal drive kayak] set-ups. That’s why I put the Wavewalk design to work for me on my commercial fishing boat.

    I just registered a W700 and will be putting a Minnkota Riptide 45 lb. thrust elec. trolling motor and battery pack as the initial power option.

    There is a very good reason to bow mount the trolling motor.

    That leaves room in the stern for a higher HP engine…

    Larry J.

  3. Sitting in a W700 frees the paddler’s mind from constant worry about issues such as balancing and stability.
    An idle mind wanders into the realm of imagination, and the person starts thinking in terms of “what if”… And that’s where an outboard motor comes to mind, and the fun of driving standing and feeling like a modern days version of the mythological giant Orion, who could walk on water, allegedly 😀

  4. Sam & Yoav,

    Having spent most of the afternoon comparing push vs. pull with a Minnkota elec. trolling motor on a W700, I have to say, Sam wins this issue.

    The bow mount is better for most electric trolling motor applications:

    The control in both wind and calm is better. Current consumption appears to be less. The power pack easy to locate close to the motor. Bow to stern balance is easier to adjust. Registration numbers can be placed in the front on the motor mount (less thru-hull holes or paint on your Wavewalk).

    Bluntly speaking, having an electric trolling motor at the bow of a W700 is like having Superman paddling in the forward position without his cape flapping in your face.

    Most of the time, I locked the motor at dead center and used a long handle canoe paddle to steer/paddle from the stern position.

    Imagine standing up and, with Minnkota’s help, silently cruising past women in bikinis (and thongs) paddling their paddle boards…

    Who knew the senior years could be so much fun?

    Sam, get that W700. Would I steer you in the wrong direction?

    Larry J.

    P.S. – A flip-phone fits really well in the 2″ support holes of the W700 saddle bracket.

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