July 3rd paddling and fishing adventures

By John Fabina

Jeanne and I headed out to a stretch of the Oconomowoc River that we have never paddled before. It’s always exciting to explore new areas with our Wavewalks.
It was more of a exploration trip then a fishing trip but I took a rod along anyways.
The water sure looked good as we went downstream. I was able to tie into some Smallmouth Bass. These small guys fight like big ones in the river current and this time of the year they get some air. One practically jumped into my Wavewalk.
I always check satellite photos for waters we haven’t explored that are nearby. Amazingly these streams can make you feel like you are out in the boonies. Always take a rod…..you will be surprised what you can catch near urban areas.
We watched a deer walking along with turkeys…






Version 2


tiny-fish (2)



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3 thoughts on “July 3rd paddling and fishing adventures”

  1. Thanks John,

    That photo of the mixed herd of deer and turkey is so funny! But it’s not that uncommon to see these two species grazing together, without really interacting with each other… Spiders are amazing everywhere you see them, IMO, which means everywhere, literally…
    And yes, small fish merit our attention too 🙂

    Happy 4th!


  2. What beautiful scenery and great photography. I sure would like to get in some sweetwater like that.
    I thought about just taking a paddling trip and not necessarily taking a fly rod with me. Yeah, that’s probably never going to happen. Glad to see that I’m not the only one. Pretty work John.

  3. John likes both scenic and wildlife photography, hunting, fishing, and paddling. He just likes being out there 🙂

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