Trifecta – Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass, and Northern Pike, while exploring new water

By John Fabina

I decided to explore new water on the Fox River today.
It was possible to launch the Wavewalk at a bridge where only a kayak could be launched. I wouldn’t attempt to launch here with a conventional kayak…… would be easy to flip. It was a relaxing and fun day. I caught the trifecta , Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass, and Northern Pike.
The bass were caught on a jointed Rapala and the pike on a Wacky worm.
As always hit the bridges for the current breaks and fish any inlets that dig out holes.













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  1. fish

    Thanks John,

    Trifecta! -One of the good things in being the publisher of a fishing blog (that’s me…) is that I get to learn new things all the time 🙂
    I wonder when was the last time that Gary the cheesehead caught a Trifecta …

    This green color all around makes life look good, doesn’t it? 😀

    Great pictures – Congratulations on the trifecta!


  2. Jill Toler

    Looks like a soon to be “go to” spot. Beautiful scenery and what kind of fish are those swimming just under the surface in the fourth photo?

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