New method for attaching a deck for fishing gear to the W700

By Chris Henderson

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The versatility of the W700 means that it gets used for multiple things from having fun at the lake to seriously pursuing fish. Being able to attach and detach features is definitely a plus. In that light people have been using the holes located in the saddle of the W700. Here is an idea that I had that may help and further such innovation.

Try using PVC test plug fitting, (about $4.50 any place that carries pvc fittings) or some other mechanical plug. As you tighten the wing nut the two sides are compressed forcing the rubber o-ring to squish against the sides of tube. Just one will provide some grip but I wanted a much tighter stronger connection from deeper into the hole. I have seen some other more industrial plugs which I have no real source for but might even be superior to what I have. But I went with what was at hand and purchased four at my local big box hardware store and a longer 5/16 carriage bolt. Simply insert them into the hole and tighten it down. Once tightened down it was secure enough to lift the boat.

In this instance it is for a small deck that will host a Scotty rod holder for my downrigger. I have industrial strength Velcro on the front to prevent any lateral movement. If one really wanted to prevent that, or if you wanted to make a larger deck you could expand it to cover two of the holes. I could also imagine a small piece of plywood spanning two of the holes might be an ideal way to attach a seat or a pot puller for shrimp or crabbing.

Wavewalk owners are innovators, so I hope this would allow them to go a step further with their innovations.

Tight lines,


detachable-deck- for-fishing-kayak

Front deck, top view

plug-for-attaching-deck (2)




  1. fish

    Simply amazing! 😀

    Thanks Chris,

    Looks great!


  2. Michael Chesloff


    Absolutely brilliant!

    To stop lateral (twisting) movement you could just attach a narrow strip of wood or pvc pipe that lines up and drops into one of the gussets (grooves).

    This kind of “riggability” is another standout feature of Wavewalks. It translates into saving a lot of money on overpriced, invasive “track systems”, “consoles” and other overpriced aftermarket products that require drilling into your kayak, are not removable and which can’t be repositioned as needed.


  3. Chris Henderson

    Thanks. Glad it is helpful. I like the wood suggestions, I will have to consider those!

    Too fun outfitting these boats!

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