Electric W500 for fishing and fun with the kids

By Pyt Rotary (Thrac)

Ontario, Canada

I use the Wavewalk 500 kayak for fun and fishing, and I own two of them.
For myself I want to keep both W500 when I go with someone, each on his own.

For going with my son who’s 7 years old I’d rather have a W700.

I took my kids with me in the W500 but is was a little crowded for me to fish. The W700 will be perfect.

Here are pictures of me and my kids at Virginia beach this summer –

electric-fishing-kayak-with-dad-and-two-kids-on-board electric-fishing-kayak-with-dad-and-two-kids-on-board-Virginia-beach (2) electric-fishing-kayak-with-dad-and-two-kids-on-board-Virginia-beach

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5 thoughts on “Electric W500 for fishing and fun with the kids”

  1. So let’s see if I have this right:

    One adult.
    Two children.
    An electric motor.
    A deep cycle battery.
    Four fishing rods and reels plus tackle.
    And this is the smaller of the two models.
    And there is still plenty of room to have fun.
    The W500 weighs 60 pounds (plus rigging) and is 11’4″ long.

    So when we say that Wavewalks are the world’s roomiest, stablest and most comfortable kayaks it would seem that Pyt and his family are proving it’s true.

    Is there another 60 pound fishing kayak that can even think of providing this kind of experience? Good luck!


  2. My goal is to spend more and more quality time with my kids on water.
    As soon the Canadian dollar recovers a bit I will buy the W700, I will keep the two W500 for solo exits.
    I hope someday not far from now my soon (he is 6 now) will come with me in his W500.
    The profile of the hulls give to the Wawewalk a good hydrodynamic profile and not too much drag.
    My fishing buddies (in regular or rubber boats) are surprised how fast I move (read: cut the water) around them.
    There is no another boat you can cover fast many fishing spots than the Wavewalk.
    I had the W500 between 30 boats on Simcoe lake fishing for perch and same scenario on Ontario Lake fishing for salmon.
    What you see there as a trolling motor is a MinnKota 70Lb 24V powered by a two deep cycle batteries each of 6Kg / 12Lb.
    Have fun and enjoy.
    The neighbour from the North.
    Ontario, Canada

  3. Thanks Pyt!

    The 6 hp Tohatsu outboard motor can be outfitted with an alternator. It’s the smallest outboard out there that offers this option. This means that in theory, if you get such a motor for your W700, you could use it to recharge the batteries of a small trolling motor, similarly to what anglers who fish out of bass boats and jon boats do.
    As for the problem of the 6 hp Tohatsu being too powerful for the W700 (it is), driving with a joystick steering system takes care of that by making driving as easy as it gets. And on top of this, the joystick makes driving FUN BEYOND BELIEF 🙂
    The front and back ends of the W700 cockpit are shaped identically, namely in a way that offers the best fit for a motor, be it an outboard gas engine, and/or an electric trolling motor.


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