New W700 story in Southern Kayak Fishing magazine

Southern Kayak Fishing magazine published a story about our new Wavewalk® 700 in their new January-February issue, which is available online.

The increasingly crowded space of fishing publications includes thousands of magazines, websites, blogs, forums, Facebook pages, YouTube channels, etc.  Most of those publications have no other reason to exist except the extremely low cost of electronic publishing, coupled with the desire of their publishers to add their own noise to the general cacophony.
The editors and publishers of Southern Kayak Fishing magazine seem to understand that, and they deserve compliments both for the professional quality of their publication, and for publishing material related to outboard gas motors and to Wavewalk that other kayak fishing magazines won’t publish.


  1. Bassman

    The W700 article in Southern Kayak Fishing magazine is easy to pull up on the Internet and very well written. My first contact with the Wavewalk design came from a Google Images search of “fishing kayak”. The advantages of this multi-purpose, twin hull kayak were obvious to me. Magazine reviews like this one will reaffirm what Wavewalk owners are well familiar with. And, encourage more folks to get on board.

    Larry J.

  2. fish


    Believe it or not, years ago, the editor of a magazine for the Kayak Angler refused to publish a piece I wrote about our W500 kayaks outfitted with outboard gas motors… He wrote me that we were “going too far”.
    Fair enough? No, because that publication has always worked overtime to promote electric fishing kayaks offered by some of our competitors that happen to spend more money than us on advertising in such magazines 🙂

    BTW, that pseudo purist editor didn’t last long in his position. I hope for him that he found a better job.


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