Happy New Year 2016!

2015 was the year of the 700 Series, and it transformed Wavewalk.
From a company with a single product line of fishing kayaks that work great with small motors, we turned into a company with two product lines, and the second being of high performance, two-person car-top fishing boats that paddle great.
This change means that from now on we’re serving both the kayak market and the boat market, and this is an exciting and promising position to be in.
In order to better serve the boat market we developed a lightweight, versatile, heavy duty motor mount for the heavier and more powerful motors that the 700 series works with, and a ‘plug and play’ joystick steering system that turns the W700 into a boat that’s extremely easy and fun to drive, seated and standing.

In 2015 we also obtained a trademark on the word Wavewalk, and this is an important step for the Wavewalk® brand.

Looking forward to 2016

The developments in Wavewalk’s product offering mean that we face new opportunities and challenges, to which we’ll have to adapt by modifying our marketing strategy, including our distribution. We’ll have to work with dealers that feel comfortable with boats and outboard motors, as well as with kayaks and paddles.

Many thanks to all those who’ve taken part in this exciting journey, and helped us by contributing in so many ways.

And thanks to our wonderful clients!

Happy New Year 2016!

Yoav and the Wavewalk team

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