My motorized W500 fishing kayak

By Jeremy Childers


After I tested my motorized W500 I figured out that it would not dump me, and with one person or an adult and a child it is plenty stable. Unfortunately, my fiancée and I won’t be able to tandem.
Who knows, we may be in the market for another kayak as our 13 year old, Jake is completely enamored with the w500.

The paddle clips I installed on it weren’t quite suitable for the Wavewalk paddle, and it somehow escaped into the water while I was trolling. I was not able to find it…

fishing-in-the gulf-AL

Spotted bass caught inland


car-top skiff




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5 thoughts on “My motorized W500 fishing kayak”

  1. Thanks Jeremy,

    Great pictures!

    I remember you had concerns about the W500 serving as a motorized tandem boat for two full size adults, and that was before we came out with the W700 series.
    I’m glad that at least you got the basic functionality you wanted.

    Actually, I also remember warning you that kids tend to take control of their dads’ W kayaks 😀
    Well, at least now you have a choice between the W500 and W700 🙂


  2. Jeremy,

    My only regret in life was that I did not have a W500 to slide into the back of the family ’56 Chevy Town & Country Station Wagon when I was 13 years old.

    I had to build my own 4′ x 8′ pram that my fishing buddy, Barry, called the “Floating Hog Trough”. It was very heavy, so slow, and nearly impossible to paddle. But, it only leaked a little.

    Christmas is coming. A W700 under the tree might be the perfect gift for a family of 3 who already have a W500.

    Happy Holy Days,

    Larry J.

  3. Larry,

    The only thing I regret is having grown up in a region too arid for lakes and rivers. We had one small dam nearby that held water for a few months during the rainy season, and a couple of springs in the mountains next to us.


  4. Nice job getting out with the motor and catching some Bass. 🙂

    Sorry about your paddle, a paddle leash is a must have.

    And add a bungee at each spot of the paddle holder, so if it falls
    out it won’t even hit the water.

    Tight lines and MoPaddle Safe all.

  5. That is some pretty, clear water Jeremy and a nice chunky bass. With as many things as any 13 year old can get into nowadays, having one that wants to kayak fish is a blessing. My dad took me fishing very early; 3 years old, and as I got older and exposed to some crazy things I always had fishing to pull me just enough away to stay out of trouble.
    Go for the W700, you will NOT regret it.

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