First Potomac Blue Catfish Trip in Santiago, my Wavewalk 500

By Captain Larry Jarboe

Took the W500 for a trip to open water in the Potomac River. The cooler weather has driven the Blue Catfish from the sheltered creeks to the edge of the river channel. I learned a few tricks about catfishing in the Wavewalk that will up the catch of cats on future expeditions.
Zero fuel was expended. I paddled.
And, I only used 5 dollars in bait, a third of which I gave to a father and his two sons who needed a little help.
Blue Catfish are probably the most predatory invasive fish in the Chesapeake Watershed. Maryland DNR (Dept. of Nat. Resources) says to catch and keep all you can. I take that as a mission statement.




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3 thoughts on “First Potomac Blue Catfish Trip in Santiago, my Wavewalk 500”

  1. Yes Yoav,

    These Blue Cats are very good to eat. I grill or pan fry the fillets using Susan’s Seasoning available at the Victorian Candle Bed & Breakfast in Hollywood, Md. These cats were delivered to her in trade for a smoked turkey and all the fix’uns she cooked for me on Thanksgiving.

    Susan is from Sierra Leone. She cooks her catfish African style: She guts the fish, scrubs the skin with cut oranges and lemons to remove the slime plus add flavor, and bakes the fish whole, like a turkey, with the skin still on. Thus, the meat stays moist and steaming hot. When I’m in town, her B&B customers sometimes get a special dinner, too!

    And, I get a smoked turkey!

    I eat enough fish.

    Larry J.

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