Wavewalk 700 motorboat – tender

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8 thoughts on “Wavewalk 700 motorboat – tender”

  1. The music in the video is also delightful. A jaunty day on the Bay with a couple dressed for the yacht club. The big boat drew so much water that you and your lovely lady had to leave her far downriver. So, you brought the custom tender to hobnob with the mosquito fleeters. Your secret is safe with us. Would a fisherman not tell the truth?

    Larry J.

  2. How awesome was that!!!!

    Great video, two people, motoring through traffic, with good chop at times too.

    Nothing But Good, super stable, plenty of room for two.

    What size motor were you using Yoav?

    Tight Lines and MoPaddle safe all.

  3. Thanks Rox 🙂

    The motor is a 6 hp Tohatsu with a 20″ propeller shaft, and it’s a pleasure to use although it’s much too powerful for such a lightweight boat. I don’t think the throttle ever passed the 1/3 mark during all the time we shot this video.
    I don’t recommend using such a powerful (and heavier) motor with the W700. People who use the 3.5 hp Tohatsu with a 20″ shaft like it a lot.


  4. Kenny,

    In your opinion, how fast would a W700 SU model outfitted with a pair of inflatable flotation tubes go with that 6 hp Tohatsu outboard?


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