11 thoughts on “W700 microskiff – the movie”

  1. Wow Yoav!
    Congratulations! You have created the absolute Best and Most Practical Micro-Skiff in the world! I know that very soon, the world is truly going to recognize this obvious fact. I’m at a loss for words, as I scramble to make a way to get my “700”. Well done sir!!!

  2. Thanks Kenny,

    And thank you for your contribution in creating this new class of watercraft.
    Your vision and realization of your “W500 on steroids” was a very important step in this direction, as everybody here knows.


  3. No drones used here… we shot this video from a bridge, with a camera on each side. As soon as the first cameraman would lose sight of me under the bridge, they notified the second cameraman that I was on my way 🙂

  4. Yoav-

    Beautiful work! What is most remarkable is the almost complete lack of bow wake as you go speeding along. Even in the head-on shots where you can see between the hulls there is so little disturbance of the water.


  5. Thanks Michael,

    Water conditions there were pretty hectic – a combination of a fast moving tidal current, rocks above water and underwater, the bridge (on top of which the cameramen stood), and motorboats driving up and down the current and sideways, into a nearby boat ramp and out of it. You can see their wakes in some of the footage.
    At times it made navigation somehow challenging , but it also makes the water in the video look realistic and interesting to observe.

    Later, when we sat in the nearby restaurant at a table overlooking the water, we noticed that some good-size motorboats had some problems navigating there, and we thought it was funny 🙂


  6. Great video Yoav.

    Lots of boat traffic out there, but quite a smooth ride for you and the W700.

    Now you have a WaveWalk kayak that fits all.

    Some of my buds are pretty hefty and can’t use my yak because of weight issues.

    Now it shouldn’t stop anyone over 300lbs from getting in the WaveWalk world!

    Congrats on a great new product, the W700…. BAM!!!

    Tight lines and MoPaddle Safe all.

  7. Thanks Rox,

    Yes, there were motorboats going in all directions there, and added their wakes to the already twisted and fasts currents. What a pleasure! 😀

    As for big and heavy guys, here’s a video that Michael from NY Fishing Kayaks shot:

    Ernie, Michael’s client, is 65 years old, 6’1″ tall, and weighs 300 lbs, as you can hear him say in the movie, when he paddles standing in a W700 “kayak”… He bought a W700 from Michael, and already took it out on a long fishing trip.


  8. PDI! (Pretty Darned Impressive). Now, put some fish in that thing.

    Larry J.

  9. 😀 Thanks Larry,

    We just put the people in these things, and it’s these people put the fish in them 😉


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