Pictures from Key Largo

By Capn’ Larry Jarboe

Here’s a couple pics taken by my son, Dr. John Jarboe, at the concrete barge wreck outside of Garden Cove in Key Largo. This wreck is full of fish and easily accessible from shore.

One pic is from the outside looking in. The other is from the inside looking out.

Paddling a white W500 fishing kayak with a canoe paddle




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I got a call this afternoon that a channel marker had escaped its tether and was floating down the canal. In went the Wavewalk 500 and we corralled that maverick. Red returned right to port. Maybe, she’ll show up on an episode of “Bloodlines”.

Never a dull day.



4 thoughts on “Pictures from Key Largo”

  1. Now that looks like fun.

    Having the W500 allows you to get out and get back in with no problems.

    Exploring at its best.

    Tight lines and MoPaddle safe all.

  2. Just proves that I’ll go anywhere to find fish. In my list of abbreviations, WTF means “Where’s The Fish?” My son was hunting to take pics of puffers. Looks like he found one.

    Larry J.

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