Pink Salmon in Puget Sound

By Chris Henderson

One of the great fisheries we have here in Washington State is the pink salmon. They run every two years (so every odd year). They are plentiful and aggressive on anything that is pink. They also have a habit of migrating close to shore. This makes them very accessible to shore fishermen and they are a lot of fun. They are not as desirable on the table as some of the other salmon, but they do better than most fish (it is just that we are spoiled out here on the West Coast). Because of their numbers there is healthy limit (4 salmon) and so a lot of people pursue them. This creates the situation known as “combat fishing.” Fishing elbow to elbow on the rivers. NO THANKS!
That is where the Wavewalk comes in. We are able to launch at a park in the City of Tacoma and hit the mouth of the Puyallup River (where the fish are headed) and fish without all the crowds. There are still quite a few boats that come by but it is nothing like the river. Great having a boat that can get you where the fish are and away from the crowds!

Having a great fishing season this year!

Tight lines,








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2 thoughts on “Pink Salmon in Puget Sound”

  1. Thanks Chris,

    Congratulations on your catch – Pink salmon is a very tasty fish, IMO, but I’m not from the Northwest 😀

    I like the way you shoot two anglers with one camera 🙂


  2. Pinks are not bad if you care for the meat (ice down fast). They just tend to mush real fast if you don’t . But it is tough to compare to a king (Chinook).

    I have a rocket launcher that I can move to the back and point the camera forward to catch the action if I am casting to fish in front of me. Or put it in the front pointing the camera to the back, if I am trolling and the action is behind me. Works out great. Got to love the ol’ Gopro!

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