Shipping the Wavewalk 700

We’re starting to ship the W700, and this is a good opportunity to thank our clients and dealers again for their patience – Thank You!  🙂

And here are some more pictures showing a finished, Safari-colored Wavewalk™ 700, with deck rigging etc.


Front top view of a W700 in the Safari color combination – Forest Green Twinhull and Sand colored Saddle.



A closer view at the 7’8″ (234 cm) long cockpit of this unique boat. It can easily accommodate two large size fishermen and their gear. The Saddle features seven molded-in brackets, six vertical reinforcement columns and six molded-in reinforcement ‘gussets’  (arches). The Saddle is sealed and watertight, and it can serve as flotation in case the boat is capsized.



The forest-green Twinhull of a Safari colored W700 overturned on the ground. It’s possible to see the 12 waterproofed rivets that attach the Saddle part to the Twinhull, and the 2 waterproofed screws that attach the wooden bracket to it.



Closeup on the rear end of the cockpit. The wooden (MDO) bracket is visible in the space behind the molded-in plastic bracket at the end of the Saddle. The Saddle’s texture is similar to the grainy texture of the deck.



A Safari colored W700 in a box, with paddles, accessories, and deck rigging. More (green and yellow) W700 boats can be seen in the background.



A boxed W700 at the end of the assembly, ready to ship.


  1. Michael Chesloff


    Now I can say to customers “this is the boat for you” when asked “can it handle 2 people?” or “I am a really big guy, will I be ok in this boat?” or “I was looking for a 2-person motor boat, but I have no place to store a trailer”, etc.

    I hope people will compare this to every other small boat they can find. Its incredibly light weight, capacity, speed and ability to travel in the skinniest water make it unique and a solution people for so many who have been land-locked by the high cost and/or unmanageable weight of skiffs, dinghies, jon boats, etc.

    It has felt like a long wait but these new boats look fantastic. Congratulations, Yoav!


  2. fish kayak

    Thank you Michael,

    Your insight on fishing, marketing, kayaks, paddling and small boats has been key in the development of the 700 as a concept, a design, and a product.
    But this is just the beginning of the W700’s life as a boat, and as it happened with the 500 and 300 series before, the fact that many people will use it in many different ways and places will improve our understanding of its nature and performance envelope.
    This is a good opportunity to thank others who’ve contributed as well to this project, both directly and indirectly, but I’d like to elaborate on this interesting subject in a special article.


  3. Chris Henderson

    Congratulations! So excited to see this boat in the water! Even more I can’t wait to paddle it!

  4. fish kayak

    Thanks Chris,

    I can’t wait to see pictures and videos of you and Andrew paddling your W700 and hunting from it, and you motorizing it and fishing with it in the ocean 🙂


  5. PackerYaker

    Congrats again, Yoav – I’ll be interested to hear how everyone likes it, and see if one-shot can set a kayak speed world record with it.

  6. fish kayak

    Thanks Gary 🙂


  7. RoxCT

    Here we go, Yoav, another great yak is born.

    Can’t wait to see more, love the paddling video.

    Now I can’t wait to see the motor on it. 🙂

    Tight lines and MoPaddle Safe all.

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