Fishing for Kokanee at Wickiup lake

By Chris Henderson

We took the Wavewalks on vacation this year. Fishing was just a side activity for our vacation that was centered around time with our extended family. But I was able to get out one day and pursue some Wickiup kokanee. The kokanee in this lake are known because of their size and the fierceness of their fighting! They spawn naturally in the river section of the this reservoir so there is a healthy limit (even though I only caught one). The fishing was very challenging. The fish are in a river channel. So you would be in 20 feet of water and then if you didn’t follow your depth finder closely you would be in 5 feet and hung up on the bottom. The fish were holding right close to the bottom of course. Couple that with the wonderful addition of stumps ( They logged this area before they made it a reservoir). However, my not so secret weapon was the Wavewalk. Because we were paddling vs. motoring we were able to stay in the channel and make adjustments much easier than those who were fishing using motors. So we could troll closer to the bottom and not fear the stumps quite so much. We still got hung up, but we were better off than the motor boats.

This is just an example of the great fish available in this reservoir.

Great times in the Wavewalk!





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    Thanks Chris,

    What a feisty fish indeed!
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