More pictures from the Wavewalk 700 assembly line

We introduced the Wavewalk™ 700 as the world’s best two-person fishing boat
A lightweight, extra-stable, two-person, trailer-free fishing boat that one person can easily paddle solo and car-top on their own.
Many Wavewalk clients and dealers have been following the progress of this project for months. Some are interested in it as a fishing motorboat, and others as a tandem or heavy-duty fishing kayak.
We thought that these people would be interested to see more pictures shot at the production facility where these boats are molded and assembled.
So here are few more images, for both paddlers and anglers to enjoy 🙂


A W700 in the Safari colors with the Saddle part fitted into the Twinhull part. The next step is outfitting the boat with deck rigging: Handles, eyelets, lashing hooks, etc.


W700-tandem-fishing-kayak-Safari-colors (2)

Another unit with a W paddle. Did we mention that the W paddles feature a black shaft now?



A small batch of Saddles waiting for assembly



In addition to the seven brackets integrated into the W700 saddle, this boat is outfitted with an extra bracket made from MDO. This bracket is attached to the rear end of the Twinhull’s central platform before the Saddle is inserted into the cockpit and riveted to the top of the platform


And here’s a couple of pictures that we posted yesterday in a comment to another post:




The wooden structure called “cooling fixture” between the hulls of this W700 Twinhull works to minimize warping while the part cools down


  1. Chris Henderson

    Looking good! Very excited to start seeing the pictures and can’t wait to see side by side with a W500 and then the boats in the water!!!!! I also like that darker “sand” color in the saddles that are all stacked up. What a process!

  2. fish kayak

    Thanks Chris,

    I’m glad you like it. We’re starting to ship next week.


  3. PackerYaker

    Hey Yoav……..why do you need the extra bracket inserted at the rear end of the central platform. Why isn’t the saddle sufficient by itself? The extra bracket looks similar to the brackets used on the 500 to control flexing. Will the 700 saddle prevent flexing, or is the extra bracket needed to do so?

  4. fish kayak


    The seven brackets that are molded in the W700 saddle are sufficient. However, since we’re planning to use the W700 with heavier and more powerful motors, we thought to add one more bracket at the rear out of extra precaution.


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