A rainy fishing trip

By Steve Lucas

Me and a fishing buddy decided to try fishing in Flamingo again last week. We both got up super early, checked the radar which was clear and headed for the deep south. Of course one we got to the bottom we could see and hear lightning and thunder closing in. We decided to push out anyway, stay close and run if it came to that. It did.

My friend headed deep into the bight. I stayed closer and everything turned hectic quick.
I was making for the nearest sheltering beach as the rain and lightning started when I spotted tails to my left.
“Yessss!” I thought to myself. I would bag a nice Red despite the weather. I cast and instantly hooked up. It turned out to be a Jack that dragged me around, got me wetter than I already was and pulled me closer to the mangroves where the mosquitoes were waiting. “Why do I keep doing this?” I asked myself.

We did see a lot of activity and the Snook were biting.

Oh well. Could be worse. I could be my fishing buddy, smooshed into mosquito infested mangroves, a mile from the nearest landing with lightning crackling all around his head.





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  1. fish kayak

    Thanks Steve,

    Man, what an ordeal!
    Luckily, you guys could paddle back to shore. Just imagine what it would have felt like had you been in the same situation in a boat that cannot be paddled, with a motor that fails to cooperate, as motors sometimes do… Not very safe, I’d say.


  2. DanRiver

    Hey Steve,

    Loved the video. Glad you made it in OK.

    I wanted to ask a bit about your seat pictured here in “A rainy fishing trip.” Does it use two saddle brackets. How are they connected etc? I like that seat!

    John aka DanRiver

  3. fish kayak

    Hi John,

    Typically, this type of seat doesn’t require the use of saddle brackets as a base, and you can attach it directly to the saddle. However, heavy people would benefit from using a pair of saddle brackets in this case.
    If you use the search function on this website with the keyword seat, you’ll find dozens of articles showing a wide variety of seat that W users have added to their boats. Note that in many cases they reverted to the saddle with just a thin foam mattress on top.


  4. fish kayak

    Update –
    Steve sent us these pictures of his fishing kayak’s seat:

    Steve's fishing kayak seat

    Steve's fishing kayak seat

    Steve's fishing kayak seat

    Thanks Steve!


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