The W500: my current pros and cons

By Brian Walti

Love it! I’ve had it out 4 times and it has performed very well. It took me a couple sessions to build up the nerve to stand up but once I did it opened a whole world of sightfishing! My friends who had sit in kayaks tried standing in theirs however it wasn’t pretty.

Here are my current Pros and Cons:

-easy entry and exit. This is huge for me as a bigger guy. I step in and out easily and without getting wet while my fellow SOT and Sit In kayakers end up clumsily entering and exiting.
-Storage is awesome and all my gear is readily available whenever I want it.
-Tracks well
-highly customizable
-generates a great deal of conversation amongst traditional ‘yakers and canoe owners
-comfortable…the many combinations of sitting positions is awesome.
-Casting is a breeze.
-highly portable via vehicle

– None.

The only thing I am looking at now is a DIY wheel system. While the kayak is lightweight, the overall length of the W500 causes it to be somewhat bulky when shouldered (and trying to balance the weight distribution effectively) however it is very easy to drag.

You created an awesome product and I absolutely love it.

Brian Walti

I’ve attached some pics, albeit not that exciting.  The pic of the shallows was just before I stood up for the first time. I was able to sight fish as well as use the paddle to push through areas that were only about 4 -6 inches deep.  Amazing!  I really just brought the little zebco dock demon rods in case the fishing mood struck me…which it did!







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3 thoughts on “The W500: my current pros and cons”

  1. Brian,

    Thank you very much for your kind words, especially the word “None” in the list of ‘cons’ 😀


  2. Hi Brian-

    A very concise review of Wavewalk’s advantages over other kayaks. And from someone who isn’t a paid “pro-staffer” or “pro-team” member.:)

    You point out that the W500 not only has vast amounts of space for your equipment, but that you can easily get to it while out on the water. People don’t catch on until it’s too late that “hatches” on ordinary kayaks are (sometimes dry) storage holes that mostly can’t be accessed while actually fishing.

    Welcome to Wavewalk.


  3. Congrats Brian, there’s nothing better then breaking in a new Wavewalk W500.

    Enjoy, soon you’ll be standing and paddling and standing and casting….
    Then going for a ride when a big fish takes your lure.

    Like I said before, Nothing like it, and Nothing better. 🙂

    Tight Lines and MoPaddle safe all.

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