Wavewalk fishing in Flensborg fjord, Denmark (video)

By Claus Nielsen

Nice weather in the forecast,  lots of Belone belone (Latin) [garfish – garpike] and with a bit of luck a seatrout also, certainly lots of pollocks.  This is my first YouTube video –


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  1. fish kayak

    Thanks Claus,

    Oh wow! Is this action taking place in the Baltic sea? 🙂


  2. Claus Nielsen

    The most western part of the baltic sea, the piece of land in sight in the beginning is Germany, where you sail into Flensburg harbour..

    On the other hand we have Denmark, the Islands in the video is “Okseøerne”

    Today I was here

    I will figure out how to make a better track of my trips..
    Today’s catch:
    1 Seatrout and 1 pollock at least it was a beautiful weather

  3. fish kayak

    Thanks Claus,

    Looks like you’re going at a pretty good pace with that electric trolling motor.
    Not as fast as a small outboard gas motor would move you, but OK.


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