Quest for kokanee (video)

By Chris Henderson

Went to Clear Lake again for this week’s fishing adventure. After my success last week I was feeling very confident. It was a confidence that was misplaced. Kokanee are sometimes a big challenge to catch. The challenge is often not getting them to hit the lure but in landing them. They are incredibly athletic fighters (for their size) and they have very soft mouths. Combining the two means that you can have a day like I did. I went 1-9 on hooked up fish. The rest all came off before I could get them in the boat! I will be changing out my hooks to a different style before I go back. I did manage one kokanee and a nice 15 inch trout.
Because the Wavewalk is so easy to troll with, I was able to stay out all day and not get tired.
I still need to get some grip tape for my paddle so I am not fighting it all the time, but it is on the list!

Keep fishing!

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  1. fish kayak

    Thanks Chris,

    Funny video! 😀
    Sorry to learn about your relative disappointment, but trout sounds very tasty to me, although I must confess that I’ve never tasted kokanee, and regular sockeye salmon is the most ‘exotic’ NW fish I know – It’s delicious!


  2. Michael Chesloff


    I’ve no experience fishing for any kind of salmon but if you suspect a different hook might help you should try a circle hook. They come in all sizes, tend to land in the jaw/lip and rarely are they shaken loose.


  3. Chris Henderson

    Thanks Michael but circle hooks would not work in this setting. They work more with a bait application where the fish are taking the bait and then moving away. There are brands and specific designs that work better than others in what we are doing, and I will probably need to switch to a different hook. Still had fun but certainly need to bring a few more fish to the boat!

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