Went fishing – In pursuit of kokanee (movie)

By Chris Henderson

Gig Harbor Fishing Kayaks

Clear Lake Kokanee

Had a really nice day fishing today.  Got up at the usual time and got on the lake by about 7:30am.  Calm weather made getting the lines out fairly easy and once fishing the fish were very cooperative.  Kokanee are a land locked sockeye salmon and they are very very good on the table.
I got my limit of five by 11:30.
Wavewalk sure makes these great little trips easy!  Here is a Gopro movie I made showing some of the day.  Enjoy!



8 thoughts on “Went fishing – In pursuit of kokanee (movie)”

  1. Thanks Chris,

    Nice movie!
    Things can look so simple and easy in the movies… 🙂

    Mmm, I bet those fish tasted great…


  2. Hi Chris-

    Great video. The equipment and process for Kokanee fishing looks fairly complicated to someone like me who fishes almost exclusively for bass. But then again, the results do look delicious! 🙂

    A suggestion; if you put some grip tape on the paddles they will not slide on the gunnel. Since they wont roll by design, you end reducing “paddle management” by about 90%.


  3. Thanks , glad you liked the movie!

    It is actually simple. It is all about depth of presentation. The Kokes are very selective in where they hang depending on optimal temperature. So they will be at different depths at different times. You have to present your lure at the right depth and that is where the downrigger comes into play. Essentially you put your fishing line in a clip and lower the 4 lb. weight down to the right depth, and then slowly paddle all over the lake! When the fish take the lure if they are big enough they pop the line out of the little clip (think cloths pin) and it is game on. You reel the downrigger ball up after you get your fish in. I can and do present the lure anywhere for 30 – -65+ feet. It is early in the season but by July kokanee will end up in some deep water.

    Thanks for the tip on the grip tape. I like the smooth slick surface of the paddle for my hands, but paddle management has been something I am working on. I will give that a try. Yesterday was my first day with a new system. I have a hook mounted right by the downrigger. I use one of the short bungees and (once I am a bit more practiced) should be able to do it in one motion and it will be locked in. I got it just right with one of the fish, but struggled with one of the other fish. I will get it with more practice. (aka I need to go fishing some more!)

    Tight lines,


  4. Chris- Grip tape is not bulky so the paddle will still glide through your hands with a slight relaxation of your grip. It quickly becomes second nature.

    The other advantage is that it significantly reduces the noise when placing/dropping the paddle on the gunnel.


  5. I will have to find some and give it a go. Any brands work out well? Where do you find it? (Home depot or Sporting Goods store?)

  6. Chris-

    I used Gamma Supreme Overgrip which I bought from Amazon. The manufacturer’s description includes “excellent tackiness and absorbency” but I found it had just the right amount of “slide”. Other brands would likely be fine as well.

    You could also try purpose-made paddle grips but they may have more bulk than you want.


  7. I actually used some shelf liner for my paddle grips since I didn’t have any grip tape on hand.

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