Cat-A-Yakking – the beginning

By Capn’ Larry Jarboe


Yesterday, I mounted my rod holders. Thanks Wavewalk, for providing the pilot placement starter holes. Since I was obliged to try them out, I took a run up to the discharge canal of the power plant on the Pax River.

The Wavewalk has been offishially stinkified with the scent of four Blue and four Channel Catfish. Now, it is a real fishing machine though the catches will get much better as the weather in the Chesapeake Region warms.

This was also the first day of Striped Bass trophy season but those fish are a couple weeks behind schedule. I did better than almost all the charter boats, numbers wise. And, for a fraction of the price!

I am using a Mother Ship concept which I will post about later.

Also, the 4′ 9″ Ugly Stik is a killer boat/kayak rod for most of our local and invasive species in the Chesapeake watershed. The second generation graphite series is nice but I’m kind of partial to the original fiberglass version. I bought the last one yesterday that the Tackle Box in Lexington Park had squirrelled away in the storage room.

Look for more and bigger fish to come. The season has just begun. And, I have not yet begun to cat-a-yak.

Larry J.

Photo Credit: Catfish Bill Davis


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9 thoughts on “Cat-A-Yakking – the beginning”

  1. Thanks Larry,

    Congratulations on your catch! Some people don’t catch as many fish in an entire season 😀
    I guess this is where I must explain to our blog visitors that you’re a professional fisherman – not a ‘Pro-Staff’ yak angler, but a real licensed professional fisherman, and you didn’t paint your Wavewalk 500 white, and it’s not even an effect of over-exposure in the camera: This is the W500 in white, as advertised! 🙂
    Looks great, doesn’t it?


  2. Yes, Yoav,

    The white option matches my white rubber commercial fishing boots. And, it is so distinctive around other multi-colored mono-hull kayaks.

    Regardless of color, the Wavewalk is as far evolved from kayaks as the Starship Enterprise is to Flash Gordon’s rocket ship.

    This is the only kayak type vessel that I would consider to use for commercial fishing and look forward to incorporating it into my income stream which includes niche restaurant sustainable seafood sales, custom fish cutting, chum grinding, writing fishing articles for the Chesapeake Today, and distributing my books in paperback, Kindle, and audio, available at Amazon.

    Already planning the next Wavewalk adventure.

    Larry J.

  3. Hi Captain Larry J!
    I too am from the southern MD area. I have always heard of folk talking about the “discharge canal of the power plant on the Pax River”, but have never been able to figure out exactly where it is or where to put in my boat to get to it. I was blessed with a “Mother Ship” (Tracker V-16 w/75 hp Merc), to pull my W-boat to some great “shallow” areas this year too. I have a campsite down at Broomes Island too, and I LOVE catching catfish! Any help would really be appreciated.

    Thanks a lot!

  4. Captain Larry J,
    Please let me know the name or website of your business, so I can support it as well.

  5. Update.
    I Googled your name and ordered your book “Year Round Fishing on the Patuxent River” on Amazon! It was downloaded immediately to my Ipad. Great book! I’ll be looking forward to reading your next reviews/writings, and hopefully join you on one of your Wavewalk adventures.


  6. Kenny,

    Presently, I don’t have a personal or business website but that is going to change. My publisher is Ken Rossignol who can be found at: My own e-mail address is:

    The best launch to access the Pax River discharge canal is the DNR ramp just below the Rt. 231 bridge on the Calvert Co. side. Run up the river a couple miles. Go past the high voltage lines that cross the river adjacent to the power plant. Look for the white spar buoy that marks the center of the manmade canal. Fish just inside the mouth all the way up to the scum barrier 1/2 mile in.

    Only fish the outgoing tide.

    Only use fresh bait. Cut fresh alewives seem to trump all legal baits. The Tackle Box in Lexington Park has a 3 packs for 5 bucks deal. Call ahead to make sure they have fresh alewives. Do not buy frozen. Instead of fishing for catfish, you want to be catching catfish. And, put the guts on the strip baited hook by hooking the gizzard. That tickles their whiskers.

    Also, chunk up the filleted alewife carcass and toss the pieces over. Not only does it chum the water, it gets the cats used to eating bait with your scent on it. Not many fishermen have figured that trick out.

    After all this rain, the water is very muddy which really dampens the bites. Let things settle a bit and the bite will be back to the norm.

    Or, zip me an e-mail and I’ll pick you up in my boat (16″ SmokerCraft) at the DNR ramp. Though it may be after mid-May as I’m working a deal on a lobster boat down south.

    Larry J.

  7. Kenny,

    This morning, despite 20 knot shifting wind (by the minute) and yellow muddy water, I made a run to the discharge canal. I am heading south and had a couple orders to fill.

    During 3 hours of outgoing tide, I nailed 8 Channel Cats and 3 Blue Cats ( about 50 lbs. of fish). This is actually slow fishing but I am convinced this is the only place under these conditions that the Pax would give up fish to a hook and liner.

    The bite should be red hot thru May when the breeze eases and skies clear. My e-mail is: I can connect you with another master catter (he brings the fresh bait) who does not have a boat but will show you choice spots on the Patuxent and Potomac Rivers while I’m at my residence in South Florida.

    Catch ’em while I’m gone. Enjoy!

    Larry J.

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