First time on the water this spring

By Joe Stauder

Photography: Cody Stauder

HBBCO Kayaks

Sending a few pics of our first time on the water this spring.

The fish were not cooperating but it was great to get out and paddle a bit.








2 thoughts on “First time on the water this spring”

  1. Beautiful pictures!
    Thanks Joe.

    Who’s the photographer? They made it to this blog’s ‘Featured Story’! 😀

    We still have some ice on our local lake, but it’s navigable again. I’m waiting for the local sailing clubs to install the warning buoys next to the big rocks on the bottom, because I don’t feel like bumping into one of these rocks again, driving my 570 at 10 mph 😀


  2. Things are starting to finally warm up here in Wisconsin. Soon I hope to be out. Nothing like getting your Wavewalk out for the first time after a long winter.

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