My Wavewalk kayak rigged for fishing

By Sid Perry


Worked as advertised!  I was standing paddling in about an hour. Stayed on the lake about five hours. Can’t wait to get back out. Oh, and no wet feet!

I spent a lot of time looking at others’ rigging ideas and incorporated many.
Some photos attached include:

Oar holders fashioned from over the door hangers dipped in plastic coating.
A trolley system as described by one of the Wavewalk bloggers.
A top mount storage deck. I wanted flexibility in this so I made it pivot like a hatch door. That way I can still use the front or rear area to drop an anchor, stringer, etc., or fold it down for strapping on gear.
A Fishin Buddy mount. I already had the fish finder for use on my float tube. I wanted something lightweight and unobtrusive.
I added a couple of eye bolts in the center holes on the cockpit also dipped in plastic coat. Attached my net or whatever.
I added a top mount fly rod holder and lastly, built an anchor system like one of the bloggers using the pvc, noodle floats, and clips. I didn’t trust my ability to cut the j slot on the end so instead tied a rope tightener on.

Almost forgot. Built a double wheel dolly that works great.

Really like the looks of things,


Idaho has so much diversity of water from desert to Alpine.












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6 thoughts on “My Wavewalk kayak rigged for fishing”

  1. Thanks Sid,

    Great rigging projects!

    You’ve prepared a lot of storage space, but I guess you need it when you’re camping and fishing out there in the wilderness.


  2. Hello Sid-

    Very nicely done. The hinged screen is an idea I haven’t seen before.

    The use of a strap to attach the dolly is especially useful because it allows you to position it at the best balance point for the current load.

    It doesn’t look like you store anything inside the boat, as you mention “strapping on gear”. Any particular reason for external-only storage?


  3. Michael

    Inside storage is plenty and has room to grow. As John said rigging is a blast. I just wanted the option if needed!


  4. I have a beginner question: is your fish finder set up so that the transducer is directly underneath the unit and passes through that black pipe?

  5. Hi Jay,

    Here’s a response that Sid emailed me:

    “I’m not logged in to respond to Jay, but yes it is a handheld model I used ice fishing or on my float tube. The transducer extends straight down through the tube and can extend up to 3 ft.


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