Nature Coast Kayak Fishers Club

Gary Rankel and his fishing buddies a.k.a. the Ozello Gang founded a new fishing club and named it The Nature Coast Kayak Fishers Club, in Citrus county, Florida.

By kayak fishing they don’t necessarily mean kayaks, and they welcome anglers who fish out of other light, human powered craft. As for club, they don’t mean a formal organization with a chart, membership, fees, elections, etc. – Just a group of people who like to fish together, exchange information, and enjoy nature and camaraderie.

The club (group) is open to everyone, including anglers who fish out of kayaks other than the Wavewalk™ (we just feel sorry for them 😉 …)

BTW, Wavewalk contributed the domain name,  design, and technical support for this new website, I.E. we sponsor it.

Gary already started creating some great content for the website:



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