A white fishing kayak?

Wavewalk is now offering its W500 and W570 boats in white too.
This is an unusual color for a fishing kayak, since most of these products are rotationally molded from Polyethylene, and roto-molding in white is harder than in other colors.
However, white is the typical color of other types of small watercraft including the following:

  • Microskiffs, which are small FRP motorboats used for fishing mostly in the flats and other protected areas. Anglers looking to buy a microskiff expect to be able to get one in white.
  • High-end touring kayaks that are usually molded from fiber reinforced plastics (FRP), sometimes referred to as ‘Composite’ materials. Such plastics can be reinforced with glass fiber, carbon fiber, and Kevlar.  In many cases, the bottom part of such kayaks is white and the top part is of another color.
  • Dinghies, both roto-molded and FRP, that serve as tenders (service and rescue boats) for large boats and  yachts.  People who own a large boat or a yacht and consider buying a dinghy to serve as a tender for their boat expect to be able to get one in white.
  • Sailboats are often white, and people who plan to sail their W may prefer to get it in white.

6 thoughts on “A white fishing kayak?”

  1. I don’t think the fish really mind what color your boat is. If they see anything, it’s just a form on the bright background of the sky.

  2. Great idea Yoav!
    The more colors, the better! There are guys in my area that go fishing in the deep part of winter, with snow on the ground and ice in the water. Truly EXTREME, if you ask me, but I’m sure they would love this color option.

    Take care,

  3. Thanks Kenny,

    Well, if we look at the millions of boats out there that are used for recreational fishing, we’ll find it’s a common color, and kayaks are the exception.


  4. At first we thought we’d have to charge more for white kayaks, but we managed to find a way around the problem, so we can offer white Wavewalks at the same price as other colors – No extra charge!
    This is great news 🙂


  5. Thanks Yoav for adding this color option. I plan to build an overhead rack on my 20′ cuddy cabin Shamrock to hold the white Wavewalk I ordered to take to the reef and blue water. The white color should reflect heat while providing cool shade. Also the Wavewalk will double as a lifeboat. Sure beats a Bimini top and EZ to spot in the Gulf Stream.

    Larry J.

  6. Hi Larry,

    I can’t wait to see pictures of your white W kayak! 🙂
    It should be ready for shipping next week.


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