Things are going great with my W500, by Mike Brown

Things are going great with my W500. I’ve had it out many times on local lakes.
Fishing is a whole new experience with my Wavewalk. I’ve had no issues with car-topping, launching or navigating on the water.

I attached some pictures of a couple homemade improvements. I’m pretty pleased with the rod holder. Found that I wanted at least three rods with me on the water. Came up with a way to mount four rods without intruding upon the interior hull space or penetrating the hull for mounting brackets. What I came up with also puts rods pretty close at hand without getting in the way.

I was looking for some kind of earth toned floatation modules. These appear to be very rare. Ultimately, I did find some brown pool noodles from Tundra Industrial Thermo Polymers Ltd. in Brampton, Ontario, Canada

I’m very pleased with my W500. I rarely take it out without getting questions from other anglers. I really get looks from other kayak anglers when I stand up to cast.
I also suffer from some pretty sever lower back issues (two surgeries in the last three years). My Wavewalk lets me enjoy a kayak experience that would never have been available to me otherwise.













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3 thoughts on “Things are going great with my W500, by Mike Brown”

  1. Thanks Mike,

    I’m glad to hear this boat works for you, especially in view of your back problems! 🙂

    Don’t be afraid to drill holes in the hull – No problem as long as you do it high above the waterline.


  2. The rod rack looks neat, but I’m not sure I like the idea of those straps pulling on the saddle bracket, because it’s attached to the kayak just by two screws. Bolting the rod rack to the spray deflector would make it sturdier, IMHO.

  3. Congrats on your new W500, and great review.

    Nice job on the rod rack, looks great.

    We will be waiting for more reports from you since your season
    will be longer for then up here in Ct.

    Tight lines and MoPaddle Safe all.

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