A little nice trip, by Chris Henderson

My wife and I went out to Clear Lake (pierce co) and had a nice little fish.
We got on the water around 8 and left by noonish to be able to get home for the Seahawks’ game.

Kept 4 Kokanee (landlocked sockeye salmon), did a couple of long distance releases (kokanee are crazy fighters), and threw back some dinkers (next years fish).
Fish were in the 12 inch range and still in great condition.
Wavewalk with a downrigger is a great combination. They are stable enough that you do not feel uncomfortable when you have to mess with them to deploy or retrieve the downrigger.
We used a little flasher and a wedding ring creation on the business end, and were trolling with our downriggers at about 30 feet.
The other thing I love about the wavewalk is that you can troll at 1.5 -2 mph forever with very little effort on a calm lake.

Good times!





Susan Clear Lake 9-21-2014


Mt. Rainier through the morning marine layer. Bad pic but I was fishing!


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3 thoughts on “A little nice trip, by Chris Henderson”

  1. Thanks Chris,

    Sounds like a perfect trip! 🙂

    I’m sure you’ll appreciate to improvements on your photo of Mt. Rainier. It looks OK now, don’t you think? Kind of like an impressionist painting 😀

    Those four fish you guys caught look delicious – I would have just grilled them on charcoal… yummy!


  2. Thanks Yoav!

    The cellphone pics always leave something to be desired!

    The fish were filleted and will be consumed with great joy tonight!

  3. This looks like a very beautiful area. There’s so much to see in this country!..

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