Fall Bassin – Tough Day, by Mike Moody (movie)

Tough day fishing. Cold and windy conditions. The bass were in a stump field but the wind was pushing me pretty good and I bumped into a submerged stump. I didn’t like that feeling much so I stayed out of the area and tried to work the edges. I them gave up and went to the lilies.


North Dakota

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  1. fish kayak

    Thanks Mike,

    Looks awfully cold up there! 🙁
    No wonder you looked to shelter yourself from the wind.
    A few days ago the Weather Channel showed a video of snow in South Dakota… It looked surrealistic – I couldn’t believe my eyes.
    Well, as they say in such cases – without global warming it could have been worse 🙂

    But we can still hope for an Indian Summer. It wouldn’t hurt after the cold spring and mild summer we’ve been experiencing so far…


  2. Marco

    Another “polar vortex”??

  3. RoxCT

    Nice job Mike.

    The wind can be such a pain in the yak……………….. 🙂

    I would anchor up in those stumps, and let the games begin! 🙂

    I know how if feels when you hit something while fishing in the
    wind, a little unsettling.

    But if you can anchor, and let the boat swing with the wind before you fish,
    you’ll see what you may and may not hit.
    Then it’s lights out for those Bass.

    Keep those reports coming, Fall Bass fishing may be the best this year.
    Lots of Fat Bellied Bass coming over the sides!!

    Tight lines and MoPaddle Safe All.

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