Bass fishing and shooting photos in my own slice of heaven, by John Fabina

I took my camera and fishing rods and headed to the Fox river, again.

I had some good action today. A couple of small pike where the Mukwonago River joins the Fox River.

It is a challenge to land Largemouth bass when using a frog. These fish know how to use the river current, weeds, and submerged branches to escape your hooks.
I lost so many nice fish today but it is still such an exciting way to fish.

17 inch bucket mouth bass

Caught this nice 17 inch bucket mouth on a Rapala.


bass caught on a frog lure

This little guy hit a Frog.


largemouth bass caught on a frog - Fox river

Fox river scenic view

Fox river scenic view (2)

Fox river scenic view (3)

Had the whole place to myself today. Peacefulness so close to an urban area. My own slice of heaven. Having a Wavewalk makes it so easy to enjoy. Less then five minutes of load time and you can hit the road and find your relaxing journey.

weeds in Fox river




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  1. fish kayak

    Indeed, it looks like a little piece of heaven 🙂

    Thanks John,


  2. Hasdrubal

    There’s a lot of beauty around us, and sometimes we just need to open our eyes to see it

  3. 1formidable

    Isn’t it what artists are for? They help us see 🙂
    Great fish, btw

  4. RoxCT

    A slice of heaven it is! 🙂

    John, great fishing and those pictures are breathtaking.

    Tight lines and MoPaddle Safe all.

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