Fishing for pike and bass on Labor Day (video), by Mike Moody

Here’s my first go at using my new GoPro video camera on my W kayak.


North Dakota

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6 thoughts on “Fishing for pike and bass on Labor Day (video), by Mike Moody”

  1. Way to go Mike!

    Catching fish from your Wavewalk is one thing, videoing the experience is another thing all together! Nice job! Keep the videos coming.


  2. Interesting to see that some people prefer to fish on the side and some in the front

  3. Awesome video!!!!!!!!!!!

    It’s like I’m right there in the boat with you.

    I felt the rush of adrenaline going through me as that Top Water Bait was Slammed!!!

    Great job on the Bass salad too……………………… 🙂

    Did you wear the GoPro on your chest, great placement for all the action,
    and way easier then wearing it on your head.

    Congrats on some great fishing. 🙂

    Tight Lines and MoPaddle Safe All.

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