Me and my son in our new W kayak, by Gerald Gatchalian

I have taken the W kayak for a few fishing trips since I got it.
What can I say, it is amazing, other W kayak owners’ reviews is exactly what they say about it. I am still currently finding ways to rig my kayak. My first launch went smoothly, stability and handling was superb.
I took my son with me fishing and all things went well.
Enclosed are a few of the fishing trips I made. The W kayak was a head turner, and I have been directing them to check out your website.

I did notice the sound or how noisy (baffle noise?) it creates when certain things like when a pliers fall off the hull. It spooked fish when we went out for redfish fishing. So I was wondering if I could put some marine matting on the inside, just on the floor to muffle some of the sound? I was thinking just on the saddle area. This would be my project when winter comes and also plans to get it motorized by early spring.
Thank you and more power to Wavewalk kayaks.

Chesapeake, Virginia



My son caught his first bass on our first tandem launch
My son caught his first bass on our first tandem launch


Me, trying out the first time
Me, trying out the first time


my initial setup
My initial setup


in the back of the truck
In the back of the truck


Look W - are they your parents
Look W kayak – are they your Catamaran parents?


W kayak's catamarn Parents
W kayak’s catamarn Parents


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6 thoughts on “Me and my son in our new W kayak, by Gerald Gatchalian”

  1. Thank you very much, Gerald!

    You guys rock! 🙂

    You can solve the sound problem simply and at a very low cost, without waiting – Just buy a couple 6′ x 2′ foam camping mattresses at Wal-Mart, cut the size and shapes you want, and spread them where you want.
    You could even spread two layers of foam one on top of the other anywhere you want.
    Last time I checked such foam mattress cost $5.99


  2. Really excellent photography!

    Those pictures of the catamaran might almost make one think that a twin-hull design was more efficient and more stable than the 10,000 year old design that most manufacturers use. 🙂

  3. Congratulations on this great catch young man! I bet you’ll always remember this first bass 😀

  4. Nice job getting out fishing with your son.

    Great pictures, and I love the noise my W500 makes, it’s music to my ears. 🙂

    Never thought about it spooking fish.

    Tight Lines and MoPaddle Safe All.

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