Great Egret on the Broward, by Harry Selsor

A Northeastern wind courtesy of Hurricane Cristobal brought a little respite from the high humidity and dog days of August weather pattern.

Tides were favorable for a morning excursion on my wavewalk so I headed out to check out my recently repaired lens. I went to the “Secret Hideout” on the Broward River and found the Great Egrets and some Tricolored Herons enjoying the morning. Got a few loud protests as I paddled my kayak by the tree.


Reflections On Broward

Great Egret





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PS –

Went back to the “hideout” this morning and found a pair of Roseate Spoonbills…they let me drift right under them and take few hundred photos before heading off for breakfast…the Great Egret also stayed a bit longer. When I returned to the dock area got a few of the Little Blue Herons also. Harry





roseate-spoonbill (2)

roseate-spoonbill (3)

roseate-spoonbill (4)

roseate-spoonbill (5)



  1. fish kayak

    Thanks Harry,

    Glad to see they fixed that lens for you!

    The photos look amazing, as always 🙂


  2. April L

    Do you have alligators there?

  3. fish kayak

    Harry emailed a some more bird photos today – Great bonus! 🙂

    Thanks Harry,


  4. Harry Selsor

    Thanks, Yes April, we do have gators, manatees, and this week I even saw to bottlenose dolphins in the river..The Broward River is a brackish river the flows into the Saint Johns in Jacksonville Fl. Harry

  5. John Fabina

    Great pics Harry! I can’t think of a more relaxing way to spend a day. I went out today, left the rods at home, grabbed my camera and just floated down the river. The comfort of Wavewalk and a lazy river……what a combination.

  6. Fish Wiz

    Harry, don’t forget to throw a line in the water from time to time.. who knows, it might be the day when you’ll catch a big fish…
    Great pics!

  7. fish kayak

    FW, there’s more to life than fishing (so I’ve heard) 😀

  8. RoxCT

    Okay, that does it, I’m moving south.

    Outstanding, the pictures are breathtaking!

    Now for your GPS location………………. 🙂
    (Just Kidding)

    Keep those pictures coming!!!!

    Tight Lines and MoPadle Safe All.

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