Trying to get a Chinook Salmon but no luck yet, by Chris Henderson

It has been a rough summer for getting out fishing for me. Between wedding, family trips, and my Suburban down, my fishing has been limited. However, I was able to get out yesterday.
I waited for the tide to switch and got out at about 1pm. I put in at Sunrise beach park and trolled to the Narrows park. (about 6.5 miles.) My plan was just to go to Gig Harbor, but the wind was calm and I thought I could make it all the way to the narrows before the tide switch. There is a very strong current at the Narrows so paddling against it was not going to be possible for any length of time so it was pretty important that I make it or I would have to go the 4 miles back to Gig Harbor.

Stayed in the 80-110 foot range trolling at 69 feet with my downrigger at 1.8-2.0 mph. Of course having a 4lb weight with 69 feet of cable makes for a bit of resistance so a bit more than just a casual paddle. Had just one hit but just took part of the bait and did not hook up.

Great paddle with the only exciting bit being a gravel barge that decided to go under the bridge far right (when facing south) and I had to start early and work hard to get to the shore side of him. As it was he passed with in 25 yards and threw a complicated tall wake. But the Wavewalk did great.


Tacoma Narrows bridges


Tacoma Narrows bridges


View on Tacoma’s Commencement bay


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6 thoughts on “Trying to get a Chinook Salmon but no luck yet, by Chris Henderson”

  1. Thanks Chris,

    Awesome photos!

    A rough summer indeed, but productive and fun, isn’t it? 😉

    Cargo ships aren’t the fastest vessels out there, but they displace a lot of water, and their wakes are impressive…


  2. Thanks,

    This was a tug pushing a barge. They look like they are going slow but at 2mph I am going much slower! I wanted to get out of his way and not have to pull my gear to do it.

    Water is not usually this nice as there is usually a chop on the water, but what a great day to be out. I have seen Grey whales breach and play right under that bridge. None on this trip though. Headed out again today! Enjoy the sunshine.

  3. With all that gear dragging in the water that was no casual paddle for sure.
    I see a motor of some kind in your future…

  4. No motor for me. I am in a kayak because I like the aesthetics/ethos of catching them the hard way! Most catch them in boats with motors, but then there are those who are off the beaten path. 🙂

  5. Good shots! I like the one with the popcorn bag and the bridges. It’s kind of surrealistic…

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