Our Wavewalk kayak in Newfoundland, by Daniel Vogel

Greetings from Switzerland, we’re back from our Newfoundland vacation.

We got the w kayak and we liked it very much. In the beginning we had trouble in a big river with strong current and being two adults in it and we had to paddle back as we felt it was too risky. I then tried it alone and it was fine.







One thought on “Our Wavewalk kayak in Newfoundland, by Daniel Vogel”

  1. Thanks Daniel,

    Wow! Great pictures and movies!
    Wavewalk in Newfoundland… 🙂

    I love the photo showing the all-terrain watercraft attached on top of an all-terrain vehicle – It’s a classic.

    The racing movie is amazing, and the “Stability Experiment” 😉 became this blog’s first Featured Movie! 🙂


    PS — Thanks to Norman, Wavewalk’s distributor in Atlantic Canada, who managed to get this boat shipped all the way from Nova Scotia.

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