6 thoughts on “Bass fishing video from the second day of summer, by Michael Chesloff”

  1. Nice!! (I mean both video and fish 🙂 )

    Thanks Michael, I look forward to the next episode in your trilogy…


  2. Michael you did and amazing job shooting this video and reeling in those bass at the same time. Your video editing in getting better too 🙂

  3. It was a pleasure to watch, especially when the chunky bass tried to hide behind that log

  4. Fish-Wiz-

    Thanks for the kind words. Editing is a pain but necessary because so much of the footage is lousy and I have to cut, cut, cut.


  5. FW,

    I find that editing video is very challenging especially because of the need to create short videos. By short I mean up to 2 minutes, and if I happen to publish a video that’s longer it basically means that I gave up on further editing… 🙂
    It’s really hard to make yourself cut away some really nice footage of things that you like and you want others to watch and enjoy.
    In my case it’s also harder to do when the footage I have to leave out was acquired by hard work that’s often repetitive, as it is sometime the case with ‘technical’ video.
    But on the other hand, anyone who produces movies about kayaks, fishing, motor boating etc. appreciates the fact that the subject is Fun in various forms, and this in itself is fun! 🙂



    Great video and Great Fishing. 🙂

    Tight lines and MoPaddle Safe all.

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